Battlefield 3 High Street/Supermarket prices

Sorry for yet another BF3 post guys, just wondering if any one knows what the high street shops or supermarkets are selling this for?  

I don't have anything recent to trade in.



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Sainsburys £24.99 when bought with a 2100 xbox live points card is about the best deal i've seen mate.

Edit: Points card is £17.99..

I guess this is as good as place as any ...


If your after picking up RAGE you can get it in Gamestation for £19.99 when purchased with Battlefield 3.

Tesco's £33 when preordered with MW3 (£5 deposit).

Asda £33.99

Dont know anymore just yet..

Wasnt guna bother with BF3 but i need msp and £25 is too cheap to turn down for me!

Thanks for the replies so far, the Sainsbury's deal does look good but the nearest one to me is quite small so I doubt they will have the stock to fulfil that promotion.  Does anyone know if the price at ASDA for the limited edition, I have seen a similar price on their website but it was for the standard edition?

is that deal still on at sainsbury's or have i like a twit missed it.

gamestation had BF3 and rage in a twin pack for £59.99 today.

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is that deal still on at sainsbury's or have i like a twit missed it.



I've seen someone else say this deal is on untill Monday but I can't confirm it mate.

another deal,but not great..

Morissons £30 for Battlefield 3 when bought with 12 months xbox live..

Thanks for the suggestions guys, eventually got it from ASDA for £37 and a few pennies.