Battlefield 3 Ending Discussion (spoilers)

Don't look if you haven't complated the campagin.......

The ending is bit confusing, a lot of people think that the nuke went off in New York, because you can hear the beeping sounds, I don't think it does.

Also why does Dimi kill himself at the end?



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I realyl was confused, from what i read off other forums, the nuke may of gone off as he looked to the sky. really unsure. a shame if it did as a whole campaign wasted...  o well 4.99 for skyrim is calling to me!

I don´t think dima kills himself in the end, i think someone was trying to kill him.

I also think the nuke went off cause in multiplayer americans fight against russians, if the nuke would´t have exploded they would be fighting against PLR.

It took me by suprise at first then I saw the end credits,to me its did it happen or didn't it.its been left like that so they can make either an add on missions or even bf4,bit like movies overall I enjoyed the whole game and do hope there be another bf game in the near future