Battlefield 2 modern combat

Is the server still up for this game? just wondering


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I'm actually not entirely sure, I've still got my copy so I'll boot it up in a short while and let you know.

I know the servers did shut down. Whether or not this was permanent, i'm not certain?

What wa sthe game like on LIVE, ive played the sp of 1 and 2 but never got round to trying on LIVE


Servers are still up.

there open. not many of them, but there open

some but not all :)

I just had a massive nostalgia moment there, I used to LOVE that game on Live...I spent so many hours camping on top of the building with chinese letters on Bridge Too Far haha

This thread came as quite a surprise to read! I was definitely not expecting the game to be even remotely active at this point. It was also posted at a rather coincidental time as well: I just negotiated with a friend to borrow a copy of this very game from him. I haven't played it since the PlayStation 2 was my console of choice so I'd love to actually finish the game. I had almost finished the Chinese campaign on the PS2 I think, but never made it before I migrated to the 360.