Batteries in the xbox controller

Can i use NiMH batteries instead of alkaline batteries in the xbox controller?


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Of course.

MS put that label in there so that it can make more money. MS figures that most people would rather use the MS battery pack than buy alkaline batteries. Guess who makes money for every battery pack sold? MS. Who makes money for every play and charge kit? MS. Guess who doesn't make money if you decide to buy NiMH rechargeable batteries? MS.

Did you know that the MS battery pack are NiMH batteries?

Cheers, bought a charger and 4 batteries before. Better than using the MS ones as I can put these in anything and they probably will last longer as well.

I generally find a good set of rechargeable batteries will last a lot longer than the MS battery pack (although standard AA's last longer still)..

As above just make sure you keep a spare set charged up as it's they always seem to die right in the middle of a multiplayer game

Yup, the only disadvantage with using NiMH is the dashboard "Fuel Gauge" is not very accurate.

So, as above, they can die without much warning!

The microsoft charging packs are pants, mine lasted 6 months at best and stopped holding charge.

Standard Duracells for me

I've had no probs with my Microsoft Play and charge kits :D .... Prefer them myself, Rather than rooting about in a draw for new batteries! :P

I used a MS Play and Charge kit for a while and never had any problems, but recently got a Venom charging cradle that charges two pads at a time, also came with two batteries, great for a tenner