Batman midnight release

Hello, anyone know if game are opening at midnight for batman and if they will be any freebies for going?



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Haven't heard or seen anything to suggest they are.

It will probably be individual stores as it wont be as big a launch as a Fifa 12 or MW3 or BF3 for example. My local Game and Gamestation are opening early tomorrow morning and not doing a midnight launch, your best of calling your local store maybe..or even a 24hr supermarket if there is one near you

There are a few stores having midnight openings...possibly HMV's..I work for a security company and at least one shopping centre in Glasgow is opening for Batman..could be worth ringing around locally

Cheers for the replies guys (well most of you anyway). No biggie if there isn't, just wondered if I might be losing out on any free MS points or DLC codes.

I doubt you'd be losing out dude. I went to a midnight release of BLOPS and got nothing.

If you are looking out for a deal like free points then best thing is to wait till the supermarkets all open up tomorrow and their deals go live...keep an eye online on Twitter or this forum for any price deals and bonus points people find.....Irony of WorstedOrphan using a term like Ricky Gervais would say, propa Mong