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opps links done wrong oh well that's what I get for doing it my ipad.

Just watched the trailer.... Yay!!!!

Nice one DD!

I -was- going to say I wasn't really bothered about this but upon reading thos on CVG:

"Speaking in Game Informer magazine, one senior artist even claimed that some of the game's character models use the same number of polygons as "the whole environment" of Xbox 360 instalment Arkham Asylum."

"The game, which runs on an updated version of Rocksteady's modified Unreal Engine, is said to feature a map roughly five times bigger than that of previous game Arkham City.

Loading screens have been eradicated for switching between interiors and exteriors, and at any given time there are "three or four times as many" thugs active in Gotham City compared to the previous game."


There's a bunch more info here as well:

I still haven't played Origins yet, but I completed Asylum and City last year.  Both fantastic games.

I've got Arkham Origins sitting on my steam collection with the other Arkham games (Which I've completed at least 4 times each on 360,PC) and got about 8 hours in and just cant bring myself to finish it, their is something that just doesn't feel right with the combat as if its 0.5sec different from the other games.

I'm looking forward to Rocksteady showing WBS how its done and with the power of the new consoles as well, roll on the end of the year.

Poor Batman.

He just can't get away from Arkham can he?

When "Arkham Asylum" came out it was an amazing game.

When "Arkham City" came out it was getting a little old.

When "Arkham whatever it was called came out" I'd stopped being interested in Arkham.

Now we get to re-live the whole experience again... with a higher polygon count.

Should be a good game but this Arkham pony is looking a little whipped.

Rocksteady wanted it to be three games and they have said this is how we want Arkham to end with a bang so this is their last one.

I don't get why Arkham City was getting a little old its an excellent game, if it was the 4th or 6th then yeah I could understand.

Nothing  wrong  with Origins in my book!  It improves as it plays with a good story if you avoided spoilers.   Asylum and  City were fantastic games, a new one from Rocksteady on this gen can only be a Bruce Bonus!

@DuvaDan I didn't like Origins either. Just couldn't get on with it. You could tell it wasn't Rocksteady that made it, but another company doing their best impression.

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