Batman Arkham City -Harley Quinn's Revenge, (Spoilers?)

Warning the following video may contain spoilers  as will other bits in this thread.


Points to note

-Batman taking the bullet

-Playing as Robin trying to find Batman who has been missing 2 days already.

I now can't wait for this DLC


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Robin has some amazing combos with his bo staff...his tripples are visually stunning in the middle of a fight, his shield ram is very handy to get some distance and his zip line kick is a great way to start a fight lol


The 360 staff spin is nice to clear space but his speed is key to the damage he can dish out..will be interesting to see what presence he can have in this story dialogue wise, going to be a tough 11 day wait for this DLC

Looks great, also that double take down that Robin preforms is looks quite lethal.

Also, dark haired gothic Harley Quinn, kinda hot.

I'm very excited to give it a whirl. I've been looking for a reason to get back into the game and this is it

its the Payback trailer for the not really spoilers as just a teaser for the DLC


Yes its going to be awesome, got the Robin Edition of Arkham Asylum on release, Robin is just lethal in combat, its going to be sooooo much fun to use him in a story environment, such a different combat style to Bats