Batman Arkham City and Ridge Racer Unbound demos available on market place

Hello everybody

For anyone that might have missed Batman Arkham City and Ridge Racer there are now demos available for both these games.  



Apologies if thie has already been posted


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Will defo check out the Ridge Racer demo.


I still have Arkham City on my shelf unfinished. I did complete it on the PS3 though lol.

I was on the fence about Ridge Racer.

Generally I love the series so a demo is rather welcome!

The matchmaking on Ridge Racer is still not working apparently. Bugbear suggested a patch on their twitter feed way back at the beginning of April but it's all gone very quiet. Anymore than 4 players in the 8 player lobbies and it all starts to go Pete Tong.

I was kinda impressed with the Ridge Racer demo. I liked the destruction and the graphics were pretty good. The car's handled like tanks though, and as soon as you dare touch that drift button it's like the road has turned to ice and your wheel's are covered in jelly.

It's a great racer - it's just a shame that the online racing has never worked properly. On the odd occasion it does, racing against others is a blast.