Banned profile wanting to get unbanned

My xbox live profile got banned after being hacked and I was wanting to see if I can get it unbanned. By the way I got my profile back.


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Hi, you can go here and post about your profile issue, this is not the correct forum here

That's not the right place to ask. It is only for asking why you were banned, they wont answer any other enquiries.


Phone support is the place to go. Call and ask them to open an Unauthorised Access Case. If they find in your favour you have the possibility to have your account unbanned.

Go there for Q and A about if your account has been suspended...but if you are truly banned, it's not an account Ban as obvious by you posting here, but a console Ban. The one way to find out is by having someone else log into it that is already on the console.

If they can't, the console has been blocked, and the best place to call is Microsoft Support.
Good luck.


Sorry my friend once you are banned,  that's it.  You can appeal by phone but rest assured, If you are banned an investigation has already happened.  May I ask what you mean by the console was hacked???  Seems very unlikely.... What reason was given as to why?   GOOD LUCK!!!