banned for no reason HELP!!!! PRETTY PLZ

umm the gamertag fragzup was banned yesterday but i havent gone on tht account in over a month i didnt even change it to fragzup the gamertag was hype glow i have all tge info for it called it in and i got an email that it was banned for attempting ti extract accounr information but i have not done any of these things.the name is (MOD REMOVED) i cant remeber i even have the consoles serial nunber is (MOD REMOVED) i believe someone took my account cause i dont know whatvsolicitation or phishing is and thats why it got vanned i would like it if someone could look into it n if someone had stolen my account could i get the permanent ban off cause thats messed up to come vack on a month later seein ur account was banned thank you if you can help


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If you are enquiring about an account suspension, you need to post here:

If you believe your account was compromised which led to the ban, you need to contact Phone support in your region

No one is banned for no reason. Never post information like your console's serial number on the public forum. Please post in the following forum to get an official response from the enforcement team.

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