Banned Account DLC Question.

Hello, I'm not quite sure as to where I should be posting this so I came here. I am not posting in the support forum as it is not about the ban itself. My friend was banned permanently on XBL when he tried to come online today. We have both bought Saints Row: The Third when it came out and we have been playing with each other. He was asking me questions about creating a new account and transfering stuff over. I gave him answers but the only one I wasn't sure on was to do with DLC.


Saints Row came with an Online Pass which he had redeemed on the now banned account. Can he use that pass again by copying the data from his HDD to his USB and then moving back once the new account is created? There doesn't appear to be an Online Pass in the Marketplace for 800MSP like most games do so any infomation on this would be appreciated. Also will this work for the Prof. Genki Pre-Order Pack?


TL;DR: My friend was banned and wants to know if he can use his Saints Row online pass on his new account by moving to a USB and back to his HDD.


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Short answer is no.


Longer answer is that providing the licenses were in place before the ban, you'll still be able to use the banned accounts DLC. This may be the case with Saints Row the Third's online pass, the only way to know for sure is to try it.


You wont however be able to download that content again or do a license transfer. So once the DLC leaves the hard drive, it is gone for good.


Here is a link to the online pass on the marketplace