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This is all I get when I try to access XBOX.COM some times i get in sometimes I dont and I have managed to get in to post this. Is there a fix for this? Im using Firefox btw.


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The forums are well fecked up mate unfortunately its just a case of grin and bear it and hopefully they will get sorted Im using IE9 at the moment and things are going good (so far)  but its not working for everybody

Tools > Options > Privacy > Remove Individual Cookies > Clear

yeah it seems to be a bit hit and miss at the moment. i'm using IE8 and its fine for me but others that are using it seem to have a problem

i get the same problem every time I try and log in using Chrome, have to IE compat it to get it to work. Seems the forums are borked, not like thats a suprise.

Wakey Wakey M$, sort this gunk out !

I was having the same problems 2 days ago, it's OK at the moment tough. (Still slow)

just need to empty your cache every so often

How bizarre.  

I can't post on IE8 so I have to use Google ShinyTurd.