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I only play two games for the multiplayer, and they are for the Assassin's Creed games and Mass Effect.

Neither game I'm especially brilliant at but I find them fun nonetheless. However, I've found that the communities for these two games seems to be so different. Taking into consideration that one is a shooter, the other is a stealth multiplayer, they will have different audiences and different people will play them. But I find that the Assassin's Creed multiplayer community is especially negative. The past 5 times that I've played multiplayer on Black Flag I've had my rep injured for being Unsporty. I guess I don't really understand how this happens? I become hyper aware of my presence in a session, being careful not to step on anyone's toes, not stealing kills, assisting where I can, etc. And if I've been playing more than a few sessions with the same people I make a point to message them thanking them for a good game (being extra careful not to sound condescending if on the rare occasion I was beating them), just because I feel the need to promote good will. But I'm curious about other people's opinions, would you find that kind of annoying though? I think I would, but I don't know what else I can do. I'm upsetting people while I'm playing. It's actually off-putting. I can only play Assassin's Creed MP in bursts. Eventually it becomes too negative to play and I'll leave for a few months.

The Mass Effect MP experience is different. I'm not an excellent player and usually 2nd or 3rd ranked in a mission, but people will message me after playing a few missions together and say thanks, or even get a friendly pal request. It's a positive community, and I wonder if it might be because it's all team based co-op. No PvP happening there. I also find that my rep recovers when I play Mass Effect.

Anyway. I'm posting this because I'd like to know what other people's experiences are with multiplayer and rep. What game you play and what you've noticed with your rep, response from other players, if you give out bad reps, etc. I don't intend for this to be a place to identify and root out people who give bad rep for no reason either, I only want to understand. Also so I can avoid it in future, haha.


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[quote user="Jupiter Juice"]Neither game I'm especially brilliant at but I find them fun nonetheless. . .[/quote]

The part that I've bolded is really the only thing you need to worry about.  In its current state, the rep system on the 360 is so easily abused that it does not pay to give it a second thought.  There are too few "avoid" categories to really cover the full gamut of reasons to avoid a player.  Even if there were a wider spread of choices, they would probably be misused as well. The only clue to why a gamer might have given negative rep is if they choose to send an accompanying text or voice message.  

I used to play a lot of Red Dead Redemption, and at times I would join a game, only to be kicked within seconds.  I don't think they feared my mad skills (that's humor there), so I presumed that either they had a private match going with friends in a public lobby or were boosting toward some achievement.  Unless I receive a message that gives me some detail, I just shrug it off and move on to the next lobby.

I know your post has more to do with the nature of the communities that populate a particular game, and I really don't have an answer for that.  It does seem some gaming communities take on a personality of their own, sometimes for the good, others for the worse.  I'm sorry to hear that about the AC mulitplayer community.  I've only played the single player component, but will probably give MP a spin here soon.  I would say you've done your part by sending an occasional "thank you" or "good game."  I'm not big on MP and don't receive many messages, but speaking for myself, I'd much rather receive one of those messages than the few that I have received.  :D

I think I'm also partially worried for when I eventually get an Xbox One that my poor rep will carry over. I don't know how the rep system works in detail on One, but I understand that there are penalties in place for people who do have a poor rep.

Despite my rant about the community, I'd definitely recommend giving the AC multiplayer a go. :D

Thanks for the feedback.

Your rep is reset when you go over to the xbox one.As Talus said,don't worry about rep on the 360.your the only one who can see it.It is open to abuse by sore lossers or spitefull people who bad rep people just for fun.

I just take the bad rep as a compliment. Most of the time it is sore losers.

Haha, that's interesting. I might do that.

Cheers for the info and feedback guys.