Backwards Compatibility Not Sharing Gold?

Hi guys,

Currently on my XB1 console I have 3 profiles: myself, my eldest son and my youngest son. Since all 3 of us use the console on a regular basis we decided to use the share gold option which is linked to my eldest sons profile. After getting the backwards compatibility early I managed to download a few of the already released titles I had already purchased previously (A Kingdom for Keflings, Battle Block Theater, Viva Pinata etc). A few days ago my youngest son complained that he couldn't play one of the games online so after checking for myself I found this to be true. I then tried to play the same game via my own profile with no luck and immediately thought it could be something to do with the functionality. I then tried the same game through my eldest sons profile (which has the gold membership) and it worked straight away. Now I understand that backwards compatibility is just 360 emulation, but does anyone know if the sharing gold feature will also be pairing up so to speak with the 360 backwards compatibility? 

Couldn't anyone confirm that sharing gold will or will not be crossing over to backwards compatibility because I don't really like the idea of having fork out another £40 each just to get both myself and my youngest son online to play our old games when the share gold feature is already there built into the console.


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Have you set the xbox one to be your eldest sons Home console?

Sadly yes.

Everywhere I look has no mention what so ever that gold is or is not required per gamertag to play the bc games online, only that the games can be played online. No mention of sharing gold or anything.

Sorry i am not in the preview program so can't test or answer your question, but there are many many people on the forums that could shirly test or answer your question, so you at least knew and had peace of mind.

You are playing the games on a emulated 360 and on the 360 each profile requires Gold in order to play online.

So unless Microsoft change the rules of the Gold subscription on the 360, if you want to play the backward compatible titles online, you'll each need your own Gold sub.