Backwards compatibility for original Xbox games

Will the backwards compatibility update support original Xbox games? I would love to play some classic games, like the original Star Wars battlefront and other games that were not remade for the Xbox360, without spending money on an old console.


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I wouldn't hold my breath, but it could happen.

The 360 couldn't run them.... I doubt the X1 will.... but I would sure be up for some The Suffering... if possible

Oh man, the original Fusion Frenzy game playable on Xbox One would kill me. Used to love that. And Blood Wake.

Don't think there would even be such a large demand for it that it would make MS think the cost of implementing it would justify the end result.  I get there's maybe sites that have a group of 100 or so people wanting it (it's the case with everything), but even if 1000 people wanted it, it's still a very small group of people.

As someone else mentioned, it wasn't very good on the 360, so I would assume it would be worse or not much better on the X1.  Even the 360 BC is being blown out of proportion now.  It would have been a neat feature when the X1 had next to no games, but we're now seeing a lot more games and variety.  It's kinda arrived a year too late.

Yeah I figured their wasn't a huge demand for that sort of thing. I thought maybe they could make an app or something that everyone doesn't have to get. But maybe that's just wishful thinking

Xb>Xb1 would be a breeze in comparison to 360>Xb1 or XB>360