Backward Compatibility - Thank you Microsoft :)

Woweeee! I have this evening been playing mass effect on my Xbox one :) so happy....

I am in the preview program but was away on holiday during E3 week, I found out last night it was available to preview members and sorted it out straight away but ran out of time to play as I had to get up for work this morning, but I have recorded my gameplay and given my opinions here on my youtube channel, bluebird819

I am so happy with this, Thank you Microsoft :)


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I can't wait for other games to become compatible for sure! :)

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Honestly, this is what made me trade in my PS4. Once I heard the Xbox One was going to be backwards compatible, I was pretty much sold. Then when Sony basically responded with "Oh that must be tough. We're not gonna do that", I started packing up the PS4.

So thank you Microsoft, for bringing me back to the Xbox! Very happy with the Xbox One. =D

Ok so just had an idea, since they will be porting over the 360 to the Xbox one, can xbox games that were playable on the Xbox 360 via xbox be playable one the one?? For instance, I really love Star Wars Knights of the old Republic 1 and 2..... they were for Xbox and we're playable on the 360, could those games theoretically be played on the One??

I wish I could try it out!

Would love to have a invitation to join beta testing for Xbox one backwards compatibility.i would love to play some of the old Gen games can anyone make this happen.