Back up external hard drive - Desktop or portable?

I am in immediate need of more hard drive space as my Xbox One HD has less than 2 gigs remaining. I was just wondering which is a better choice? I have already decided to purchase a Western Digital(WD) hard drive and I'm thinking about a 3 TB storage capacity. Best Buy currently has great sales on these HDs, my only question is which type. I do realize the portability advantage of the portable HD but what are the pros and cons of each to warrant the better choice?


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Either one is fine.

I have a 5TB Desktop External because I don't plan on moving it.

And its not even that big. I could move it if I had to.

But if you take your console with you where ever you go, get the portable.

Desktop external hard drives tend to be faster since they have their own power supply and I find its cheaper (gb per $ wise) to go with a desktop hard drive then a portable one.

I know WD makes an external portable hard drive designed specifically for consoles like the Xbox One. I would maybe check that one out if you want to go portable.

I have a Toshiba Portable drive and it has worked perfectly for me. I think I got it for around $55 and it is a 1tb. But I do know you can get some niece WD 4tb for $110-$120 on sale.

With Current gen consoles, I would go Desktop with plenty of vents as opposed to enclosed plastic with no vents.

Heat is a killer, so the better the heat can escape the longer the HDD will last.

I have a portable 1tb which takes up little room and works perfectly.