Awkward connection problems

So, I recently got myself a Xbox One, happily set it up on my main TV in my living room, from there I started to set it up, which included the update portion. Now my router resides in the kitchen area, I've had it for a while (It's a Sagem F@ST 2504) and it never gives a top notch connection between the kitchen to the living room due to a dense wall which the wireless can't seem to co-operate with. This didn't go well for my update issue because it couldn't be done due to the lack of connection. So after much consideration I moved the router itself to the living room. Set it up, and even with 100% signal strength, still couldn't connect to the Xbox One.

I realized that every time I turned on my Xbox One, my router just seems to cut off the whole wireless connection, which effects all my other equipment including my laptop, just gone, cut, no more connection. I've restarted the router several times but most of the time, the connections are made but they're totally slow. Now I post here to ask for help because I don't know what to do. Is it the console? Is it my router? Is it even both. Everytime I boot up my 360 it connects and it's stuck with no problems. So why does my Xbox One do it?


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