Avoid XboxOne National Test Drive Tours

XBox One Test Drive was an incredible waste of my time.

First, the address at Northwestern University was wrong. I went there and then had to go to the correct location -20 minutes walking across the campus to find it.

Second, the Test Drive was outdoors with the display screens showing tons of reflections

Third, although there was a Kinect sitting on top of an XBoxOne -it was a non working display.
All that I could actually test drive was a Forza (?) Car Racing Game, which was of no interest to me.  Given the incredible potential of Kinect Technology to change our interaction with computers in general, this is just another game which is probably a bit faster etc. but nothing really new.

I wanted to experience the new Kinect which has much higher resolution etc. There is no substitute for actually trying out the new Kinect but this was not such a opportunity.  The Kinect Technology is extremely important and it's potential is vastly underestimated and untapped.  I was hoping to see how much better the NEW Kinect was with respect to resolution and latency compared to the original Kinect which I use every day.

I was also hoping that Kinect Sports Season 1 and 2 would be updated for the XBoxOne. Nothing is more frustrating than the latency problems in these games which can frustrate the hell out of the player. The blurbs about the new Kinect promise to deliver a huge improvement, but you cannot simply believe these things, until you can verify for yourself what has really improved and what has not.  The fellow at the demo had zero news about this, which was not surprising since he had not even heard of these Sports games.

Fourth, the goofy guy who was demonstrating things is an utter moron. He was not familiar with XBOX 360 games such as Kinect Sports and kept yappin the usual promotional nonsense.
About how useful the HDMI connection was blah, blah, blah.

I resent having my time wasted in all of these ways -it  shows the utter incompetence of the people who run the XBox One Tour Test Ride.

So if your are especially interested in Test Driving the new system with Kinect, forget about going to these Tours.

I wish someone had warned be about the shortcomings of this Tour.



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The tour comes to Berkeley. Wondering if it's going to be any good :/

Getting to try out Forza? Enough for me. Wish I could get to one but none anywhere near me in Australia.

There is a difference between the Area One Tour locations and the Test Drive locations. The Test a Drive locations have a very limited offering compared to the Area One locations. Area One locations are inside venues with plenty of stations to play at. They also had music and a refreshment area with overpriced muffins.


I went to the Area One Tour in Philadelphia and I was able to try out Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Kinect Sports: Rivals, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragoon, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Forza 5.


The Kinect 2 is very responsive and I had a person very close to my play area and you may already know this but that usually spells disaster with the current version of Kinect.

Some of the test drives have been good as well just depends I suppose.

Here in NYC we have no tours. So yeah.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, OP... :(