avoid GAME knockoff xbox one plug and play kit

went to game to get a plug and play kit for my controller and after looking through the shelves couldn,t see the official Microsoft plug and play kit so opted for the GAME Plug and play kit designed for the xbox one at the price of £19.99. i went up to the counter and handed over my money only to see the official microsoft plug and play kits behind the counter but the transaction was completed and i couldn,t be bothered confusing the issue as i thought the GAME plug and play would be probably be the same (Mistake One).

so i got it home and charged it for the first time and then put it into the controller was very happy as it fit great and looked naturally apart of the controller so i dismantled the box and threw it in the bin (Mistake Two). a week later it needed charging so i put the wire into the controller only for the green light to be on all the time even tho the battery was dead but the charger was dead after one charge.

i screwed my self out of a refund by throwing away the packaging and cant complain but i,m just hear to warn people not to be tricked into buying this item as it is was clearly a rushed product by GAME to cut out the middle man (Microsoft) and maximize profits.

The Moral Of The Story Is Buy The Official Plug And Play but hey the choice is your own... just hope i help some people out for the future :)


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