AVI Format DVDs on Xbox One...

Can Xbox One play AVI format DVDs and Blu-Rays???

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Blu Rays are .mkv format.

I think what you really mean is can it play .avi video files you have downloaded. :)

That's what I mean.

[quote user="FlintyGull79"]Can Xbox One play AVI format DVDs and Blu-Rays???[/quote]We don't know what file formats are supported at this time. Normally it's not just the container that matters, but the specific compression used as well.[quote user="Unreal Warfare"]Blu Rays are .mkv format.[/quote]".mkv" is just a container format (Matroska).  "Blu-ray" is also a container format, after a fashion. Several different video compression standards are supported, including MPEG-, MPEG-4, and VC-1.

if I own a DVD movie that's in AVI format can the Xbox One console easily play that particular DVD movie???

I thought a DVD is in a .ISO ???

Major Nelson: The engineers of Xbox One want the system to be a total media device, so while he can’t confirm anything, it seems there will be some solution for personal media.

[quote user="FlintyGull79"]if I own a DVD movie that's in AVI format[/quote]There aren't any. AVI on a DVD disc would just be an AVI file burned onto a DVD disc. Retail titles would not be sold in that manner.