Avenger controller attachment/FPS freaks.

I recently read about this Avenger attachment that goes over you're current xbox or ps3 controller. Has anybody ever heard of or used this? And if so what is you're opinion on it and do you feel that it works? And do the fps freaks really work? I was thinking about purchasing them both but I wanted to do a little research before I buy them.


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I hav eused fps freaks and I really like them.  They are a nice cheap upgrade and they work really well.  I have added them to all of my controllers and would definitely recommend them.  They just give you that extra level of control.  Its really hard to go back to controllers without them.

The Avengers look cool but I am afraid I have not tried them.

I have it on my evil controller with mod sticks and triggers. It is awesome. You have a lot more control and you can do it fast. It has a perfect fit and it is from good material.

I love my FPS Freeks. I've got the FPS Freeks Close Quarters Combat additions. I like them because they help gameplay, are legal in tournaments, and don't void the warranty of your controller, as you don't have to open it. They seem like a scam, but for $10 I thought "Why not? :D" - Have noticed ~5% accuracy on most games.

However, You're this thread is the first time I've heard about Avengers, Looking it up on Bing now. :D

ye i have had them, the only good if your in game shot is bad. click here for more help on it. [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhHgEL5cpNQ&feature=plcp]

According to reviews, the Avenger's horrible for the price.


Depending on your age, but my little cousin who's 13 CAN'T play with FPS Freeks because his hands are small. So, if you have small hands, don't buy them as it will only be harder to play.


I work with Avenger Controller. Those bad reviews were done by people who haven't even tried an Avenger. They were attacking the company for personal reasons. We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee so don't hesitate to give us a try for yourself.

ik this is an old thread but,dude avenger is stupid gimmick junk. I have tried it and its garbage