Have a questions if someone can answer or point me in right direction.

Have they come out with or have the option to let your xbox avatar have a spouse/wife or husband...girlfriend or boyfriend? If so, where can I locate this option or how do I add a spouse?

If not, does anyone know if there is any talk about coming out with this option?

This is not for my spouse to play, just to show (if you want to) that you are married, etc?

Thanks for your time, advice and any information.


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Good idea...but unfortunately not.

Mate nothing as of yet on that or wouldn't have a clue if it's ever going to happen , but very interesting idea

Oh...I could just imagine all the little kids out there that would create another account just to have a spouse for their avatar :P


Good idea though because there are some couples out there that do actually game together with separate accounts.

i play on xbox to have time away from my Wife. saying that she's usuallyon her 360 and keeps messaging me.

Maybe an option for a spouse and kids avatar additions.