Avatar games

I think there should be more of them which are of a decent quality for multiplayer.

The only games that I've played that I think has really good integration of avatars would be Bomberman Battlefest, Dorito's Crash Course and Full House Poker.

(That's from the top of my head)

I know there are lots of indie games but it would cool to have some more ARCADE and full retail  games which have achievements with avatar awards too :)


A proper ARCADE kart game, 3rd person shooter and RPG that has use of your own avatar's would be cool I think.

Apologies if I just sound like a fussy banana.


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I'm with young Goo on this one, I've got CRPS so I can't even use Kinect properly. And besides that I'm not keen on having something that was used for a robot in my bedroom, Skynet anyone?

fussy banana's everywhere are insulted by your remark.

I agree it would be nice to have more of those avatar things about.

They tend to have more avatar kinect games.

I was looking forward to joyride but they made that kinect it looked like fun.