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How do I change the background color on my Gamerpic/Avatar on xbone.  All of them have defaulted to blue on the xbone even though I have edited online to be red.  For instance I am logged in to make this post and my Avatar has a red background like I want it but on the sign on screen of xbone it is blue.  Anybody know?



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Did you set your color choice to blue? I can't remember exactly but mine was green and I got a green background. It's either that or you change the background color when making the gamer pic. Also if you want help on these forums, don't call it the Xbone. I personally find that name offensive and didn't even really want to respond because of that alone. Just my 2 cents.

nothing you do on Xbox One will reflect on Xbox.com.  at least not yet.  so whatever changes you make you won't see them here.  well if you change your Avatar's clothes that will reflect.  but gamerpics won't.  at any rate, go into your profile on Xbox One and then choose edit Avatar .. you can set the background from there.