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My AV Receiver is not listed in Xbox One menu, the receiver is a Marantz SR7005, it is not new but not old (older model appear in the menu) This is generating a lot of issue when I start my X1 as I get the TV to start, but not the receiver. My setup is as recommended by the support FreeBox (Tuner) --> X1 --> AV Receiver - -> TV

I also have issue to get the volume higher and lower, and I was wondering to know how the X1 will start my Receiver on the right input (Games), if other people have idea, I am glad to receive them :)

Another question I was thinking on when X1/Microsoft will support the French TV CanalSat and Canal+ on One Guide?



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I try yesterday to change the model setp on the xbox for the twin model of my Marantz but with Denon reference,a s the model are similar, the model for denon is well listed but it doesn't work neither....

Can someone help me, it give really a bad experience

I'm having the same problem. I can't get my Pioneer receiver to work and it is on the list and I can't get my Directv box to work and it is on the list.

Happy to see I am not alone, but it seems Microsoft is not able to provide answer and to get our staff working!

My Murantz sr6003 receiver is working just fine with the XB1 on a rare occasion the volume up and down wont work. But that's really rare. Also its only kicks it up or down by 3 notches which is basically nothing so I end up grabbing my remote unless I want to say volume up 10 times.

At least you have the Av receiver starting when you say Xbox On! I don't with my SR7005, it is not listed into the menu... nobody from Microsoft is able to help me currently...

Half good news, I try with the reference SR7500, and I get the AV receiver to start and shutdown, but I did not get it to switch input/source. So if I was watching TV before playing, when I start my Xbox One the AV receiver will stay at SAT input, and not switch to Game...

You wont have that issue if you plug the cable into the XB1 as the tv will always be on with voice control. My receiver wasn't in any list either you have to manually put it in. Also you can only control the volume up/down and mute with the xbox. Also it will shut off or turn on if you select that under the settings. No input changes or control over the power ....yet