Automatic Sign In - too automatic now.

We have two Xbox Ones in our house. My husband and I both play and we both have auto sign in with kinect enabled. Before the last update, if we were both on our consoles and walked into the other room it would see us, but it would ask us to hold down the home button and confirm if it wanted us to sign in. It was perfectly suited for us. However now, if I so much as walk into the kitchen for a drink the Xbox in the living room sees me and takes it upon itself to sign me out of the xbox in the bedroom and sign me in there. It's horrible. It completely shuts down anything I'm doing on my xbox in the bedroom. I really hope this was an oversight or that there's an option somewhere (other than just turning off a selling feature of the system -kinect sign in- for both of the accounts on both systems) to get the behavior back that it used to have. If not I suggest that we get an option for those of is with multi console homes. I would like to think that my $1200 worth of next-gen tech can actually be used to its full potential (instead of me having to turn everything off just to use it). If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. 


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