Auto Unpause Auto Resume? Help??

Hi guys just a quick note to see if anyone experiencing my same issue,

My xbox one while im playing games and i put them on pause they auto resume 5-6 minutes after without me touching the controller, this caused severe goals been scored on fifa making me lose the match, and getting popped on cod ghosts while taking a dump.

Is anyone have the same issue? is it the kinetic? maybe it detects movement and thinks im holding the controller or something? i was well away from the console or controller in both scenarios and it does happen quite frequently..!

Still I love my xbox one best purchase i ever did and i have been a sony boy for 15 years.. i know things will get sorted i have faith, just concerned i might have a bad console from a bad batch , that is if no one else as my same issue..!

Thanks in advance Requielm.


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This happens randomly to me as well. I think its a bug in the OS as it has happened on a lot of different games. We just gotta wait for an update.

good to know i aint the only one then anyone else can report the same problem??

I think but i'm not 100% a little fix is wyhne you pause go to the dasboard it should stay I said i'm not 100% on this.

good tip it should work hopefully untill the fix it!

This also happends to me ... I do the same thing ... Pause Xbox home ... Hasn't failed me yet ... Although quite annoying... Add me : ooprizonoo