Auto sign into Xbox One?

Anyone know how to set this up? It would really be helpful if there was a way to auto sign in as I keep forgetting and I had the 360 do it.

PS: I am not going to use the K2 for this, there should be a auto sign in like the 360 without Kinect


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There is no auto login without the K2 connected as far as I understand.

Yeah I think the Kinect is the only way to use auto sign in now.

seems this system is missing many things the 360 had, why are we going backwards?

Not backwards... There are a lot of new features etc on this system. Think back when the 360 launched and where it is today. So much has changed. Things will only get better. This is still opening weekend. I would expect new updates to roll in somewhat often.

No auto sign in without Kinect

No controller battery check

No checking of hard drive space


Yes, many things have been taken away with this console. Dont understand why either.

Don't forget:

No Redeem Code when you hit the home button.

No ANYTHING when you hit the home button.

I completely agree with all you said, Lord Dirt. A month into the system and everything isn't anywhere near as simple or fluid as the 360. The home button sucks. I want it to log me in without the Kinect. I wanted so much more from my One, yet I feel it's limited. The 360 interface wasn't broken. They should have started from there.

The only way it is limited is because you are limiting it.  When are you and everyone else on here that cries about Kinect going to realize that this is the central piece of hardware that the system was designed around.  Yes you can unplug it but in doing so you severely limit what the Xbox One is capable of.  As time goes by more and more games are going to integrate the Kinect in some way be it voice or motion controls.  Dead Rising 3 already does this and it actually adds to the game because it makes it to where zombies respond to noises in your gaming environment. If you are scared Obama is watching you then you have been asleep for the last 5 years because that was going on long before even the first Kinect came out.  If it can connect to the internet then it can be monitored by the government, whether it has a camera on it or not.

Well, they said you could unplug kinect but you would be limiting the ease of voice commands with navigating the UI. And @nightwings the home button takes you back to everything, so I don't understand what you mean.

Fine.  In light of all the comments in support of this, I'm going to declare its new name to be Xbox Backwards.  

Of course you cant, what good would kinect be if you could. Why bother auto sign in when you can buy this cool camera to scan your face and then login. LOL what a joke

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