Auto Sign In???

Anyone know if they are going to bring an update so it will auto sign in?? Pretty annoying having to manually do it every time i power on the xbox one and yes I'm aware kinect does it, but i don't use it.


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then use it... problem solved

Probably not a priority, I suggest you post and message/emal through the feedback section to make your voice heard...the more they hear the more likely to implement?? They aren't looking for feedback here.

no thats reDONKulous not to be able to auto-sign into a profile WITHOUT using kinect....holding auto-sign in hostage for kinect..thats a simple feature we've had for the last decade, the answer ISNT "then use it...problem solved" hardy har har....its more like bring back a basic feature and stop making anti-consumer friendly products.  Problem REALLY solved.

I feel sorry for you youngins. Having to actually use your fingers on a controller to sign in. /sarcasm

Im sorry. Not trying to be rude but cant understand why all the complaints about these trivial things.

@ wic14, Not trying to be rude but cant understand why all the complaints about these trivial things


Because it's hit and miss half the time, and it takes more button pushing to recalibrate the damn thing, it's easier to disable the feature and sign in manually, some player are not having issues, but some are.

On the Xbox 360, my brother hated having to sign me out every time he wanted to play, since my profile was set to auto-sign in upon startup. With the Xbox One, he doesn't have to worry about that because the Kinect recognizes him instantly. Granted, I do understand your reasoning and where you're coming from. Depending on how you look at it, both methods have their ups and downs like most other things when you compare what we have now vs. what we had before.

Post this in the support forum OP, there are a lot that want this, I know one is my cousin, he has his Xbox One on a PC desk in the corner using a monitor, the way it's set the kinect can't be used as it does not see his face, so I think he also posted there.