Auto screen dim

when watching TV (using the xbox one usb TV adaptor) after around 10 -15 mins the screen Dim's it's self

never done this before the update?

it's very annoying and well just plain dumb to why it would do this ... I thought they had been beta testing this for a while now ?

if so, how the *** they could of missed something as annoying as this?

just wondered if anyone else has this issue after the xbox one O\S update


if they know how to resolve it?


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wtf now it just made the screen bright again without me even pressing a button on the controller (which is what I have to do normally when the screen goes dim)

why is it doing this ?

It should not be dimming while Passive Media is displayed. That is not normal. A dimmed Screen returning to normal though without touching anything (if you have Kinect) is normal. If your Xbox One has dimmed a Screen and you have Kinect, you just sitting in front should return it to normal brightness.

nah I don't have a kinect.

for example :

If I turn on my Xbox One on (I don't use instant on mode) then select live TV (I'm using the Microsoft usb TV adaptor) everything works as expected.

But 10 maybe 20mins later the screen dims it's self

normally I would I would have to press a button on the controller to make the screen go back to normal brightness but sometimes like a little while ago it just goes back to correct brightness with out me pressing anything ?

my TV is set in gamming mode and all power saving built into my TV is disabled

like I say it never done this before the new O\S update so I know as much as it was fine before.

it's so annoying

it only does this when watching TV

Am I the only person this is happening to ?

come to think about it ??

I could be wrong but ummm ...

I think it might have started to happen when I bought myself an Nokia Lumia 640 LTE Phone a few days ago, which I have linked to my Xbox One account via the Xbox One SmartGlass App on my Phone.

but my PC runs windows 10 and the Lumia 640 still using 8.1 (waiting for the windows 10 upgrade to be released for the 640) and I'm not to sure the 8.1 smartglass app works to well with windows 10.

but before that, about week ago I got an Lumia 630 which I upgraded via the insider program to windows 10 just to see if the 630 could run windows ok (which it did much better than windows 8.1) anyway I tested the xbox app that's built into windows 10 and it worked fine, well apart from sometimes had trouble streaming the live TV connection problems, but when it did connect it worked grate.

ohhh I don't know could be anything ?

lol sus'd it

it's my phone making the screen go dim lol

when my Lumia 640 goes into dim screen so does the Xbox One lol

Oh well now I know whats causing it ...

Scrap that phone not doing it ....

it seems to happen randomly ... and only if I'm watching in full screen ... but then again it might start doing it while watch in home view ... like I say it seems random ....

so much for the beta testing ... they obvs didn't do much work with testing the usb  TV adaptor :/

update again :/ it dims while in home view as well (the whole screen dims)

ffs this reminds me of the staff at Mannings Amusement Park the fun fair (more like the unfair)

they would always fix one thing and break another ... what a joke ...

Is all the modern tech really all its cracked up to be ?

taking stock of what i have bought in the way of products from Microsoft

after you take away all the advertisintg spiel, what are you really left with ?

consoles that runs buggy O/S

games that are released for the console that are all buggy at release and need massive upadtes

Phone that run's buggy App's

now i know nothing is perfect, but why has this become a normal practice ...

well i think we all know the real reason Money.

makes me wonder if they will every sell something that works the way they say it will lol

rant over.

grrr lol

This is not a new  issue. This has been a problem for quite some time. When I play Rocksmith it does the same thing. It is extremely distracting and frustrating that it keeps dimming even though I am playing the game. If you are not actively using a controller, this is a problem.  How do programmers not put a way to turn this function off. I have had it happen in games at start up when I am using a controller as well. The tone deaf response from MS on this and other issues is becoming a major issue. I will not be purchasing games upon release as I refuse to pay premium prices to play on a device that has consistently proven to be substandard.

The XBone is supposed to be the next step in gaming, but it has consistently shown itself to be a backwards step from the 360. Besides the auto-dimming issue, there is the mandatory snap-in screen in order to stream music(no screen saver/auto-hide, 25%  loss of screen real estate and cumbersome interface) and the Windows 8/10 format that is not only unnecessary, it actually impedes the usefulness and enjoyment of the console. Seeing as how people have been complaining about this since the release of this travesty, I highly doubt there will be a resolution to the dimming issue or any other failing.