Australia - Eb Games upgrade 360 games to one

Just a shout out to the Aussies that plan on upgrading your games ie CoD Ghosts, BF4 AC4 or whatever the other ones may be. - Spoke to Eb Games customer support and they said that only playstation games can be upgraded as MS have not come to the party yet. So looks like I'm off to hand back BF4 before my 7 day refund guarantee finishes and get my money back. The guys in the stores have no idea about only being for the PS. - At least ill have Ghosts to play now and upgrade for $10 as I got that from the marketplace.

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I got my email today from EB to make sure I pay the full amount before launch day, so I can walk in and pick it up. My town isn't huge and its Friday I'm sure there will be no rush. Also must be picked up within 72 hours. If I've paid for it what are they going to do?

They can sell it on to someone else. (Part of their terms and conditions) then you'll end up with a refund and no console till they get restocked. I think they should get their facts right about the above as I'm sure many people would have bought their games for 360 expecting them to be upgraded for the $10 like they say when they pick up their shiny new console.

I do intend to pick it up. If I've paid for it though I don't see a big deal in not picking it up after a week. It's not like they have lost money sitting around, and I'm sure it doesn't turn into a pumpkin.

Yeah I don't see what the big problem is with that. It's pretty stupid if they actually did that. I've already paid mine off so now I'll have drive 30k's into town and pickup the silly little 'fast pass' so I don't get ginned around waiting for people to pay off or trade in their gear. I might trade in the ps3 and games as it's only been used as a bluray player for the last 3 years or so and get the extra 50% trade value and get some extra gear for the X1

Only got my 360 and I'm keeping it still got some games I want to play and Burial under the Sea BIOSHOCK DLC is soon. Really looking forward to that.