Audio Sync Issues

I've noticed an audio sync/cutting in and out issue across apps on Xbox one. The problem occurs only when watching cartoons though, I first noticed it when watching netflix, but it also occurs with TV from my cable being passed though the Xbox one. Audio from games are fine. I tested Amazon streaming and it is still present but less severe. The odd thing is that any live action video will have audio that is fine. Like a show have awful audio sync/cutting out issues, and then the commercial will be fine, then the issue will be back with the show. 

The problem is that the audio will randomly cut in and out very quickly, I can still hear the show just fine for the most part, its like the audio is being turned on/off rapidly and gives the sound a choppy, popping feel. Sometimes the audio will lose sync. Usually when I'm watching cable switching channels will fix it for a short time. If I'm streaming stopping and restarting the stream will fix the sync issue but the audio popping in/out is still there. I've tried disabling dolby surround and I have the same issues. Same issue present using the optical audio out, the TVs speakers through HDMI, and the headphone jack on the TV. 

Anyone else have this issue? I've searched around and haven't seen anything like it. 


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