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Evening all!

I've just received my new Sennheiser PC360's and Astro Mixamp and am currently setting it up. I've connected the Mixamp to the console via an optical TOSLINK cable, and then have the PC360's plugged into the Mixamp via the supplied Y adapter. The Dolby Headphone mode is on on the Mixamp, and the headset for those that don't know supports Dolby Headphone. I'm pretty sure I've done everything correctly to get the most from my set up.

My question is this: do I need to change any audio settings on the console? I know there is an audio option in the settings menu, and there are three modes to choose from. I think they're digital, dolby 5.1, and Dolby with WMA. I've currently got it set to Dolby 5.1 as the headset supports virtual surround sound. Is this the best option or have I done something wrong?

Thanks for any help with this.



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Yeah, Dolby 5.1 is the best one, at least for me it is.

I don't have a headset though, but it should be OK if your headset supports it.

Dolby 5.1 is the best plus go on youtube to find the best way to set up the mixing amp.