Audio issues on all settings but stereo

I am having some pretty strange audio issues with my XO.  My setup is as follows:

1) Cable Box (Cisco brand and TWC as the provider) plugged in via HDMI to XO

2) XO via HDMI to TV using supplied HDMI cable (2009 Sony model KDL-52XBR9)

3) TV optical out to  DVR/5.1 Surround Combo Box (2009 SonyBDV-E300)

This is the same setup that I used with my 360, except for the Cable Box connecting directly to the TV via HDMI

I was unable to set the audio option to anything other than stereo with the TV setting to auto.  When I switched to manual, I was able to select from: Stereo, 5.1 uncompressed, 7.1 uncompressed, and DTS audio.  Stereo results in stereo sound (as expected).  DTS setting results in no audio outputs whatsoever, and 5.1 SOMETIMES produces full surround sound.  In many cases I receive all audio channels, except there is NO speech or dialog output from the XO.  If I shut off the surround sound, I still do not receive speech or dialog.

This has happened with streaming content from Netflix and Vudu, DVD and Blu-Ray content played from the XO, and when watching cable tv content.  The only pattern that I can discern is that when the audio acts up when playing cable TV are programs that are transmitting in surround sound.  I know that the XO is negotiating (or should be negotiating) a stereo signal from the cable box.  I have tried checking the beta surround sound option located in the troubleshooting section under the TV and OneGuide Settings menu with no change in behavior.  The only way to get working audio is to uncheck the surround beta option and go to stereo sound.

I have not yet tried connecting the digital audio cable directly between the XO and the surround sound receiver as I understand that it currently outputs stereo ONLY.  I've been through every iteration of settings within the TV and the surround sound and that hasn't improved the situation either.  The other item that I want to add is that it seems the audio when playing Forza 5 is odd, but I am not sure if that is expected behavior or not.  The dialog during loading screens is barely audible when the audio is at an acceptable level while in a race.  Also, the exhaust and engine sounds from my vehicle seem lower than surrounding cars and the sounds of collisions is VERY loud in comparison to any other audio.

Sorry in advance for the length of description.  Has anyone experienced a similar issue?


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I have tried using the same surround set up as I used with my 360,  - 360 HDMI > TV > OPTICAL CABLE > SURROUND RECEIVER. That set up was perfect with my 360, on the ONE however I seem to lose centre audio to the point it's almost inaudible. This is not a isolated incident Johny, I just hope MS address this issue in the next update, along with adding 3D bluray support.

I also wish someone from MS would at least officially acknowledge this problem... hopefully it's purely software related and not hardware.

It's software issue and they are working on it but no idea how high it's on their to-do-list. Looks like reversing the DRM policy caused more work than expected.

Frank, I just finished chatting with support, obviously they are aware of the issue but I was told the engineers are working on it and it's still unclear if it is software or hardware problem (hopefully it is just a matter of a patch to fix it,hopefully adding 3d bluray support also!)

What I will add is that when I received my xbox, applying the day one patch was no walk in the park and took 2 days speaking with support (who I will add were very polite and seemed like they REALLY wanted to help, unlike some companies whose support employees just sound like they are going through the motions of their job.. who can blame them though) For me I tried updating maybe 40 times but it kept failing at 78%, eventually I was given the link to apply the emergency offline update and hey presto, so I am curious as to whether others who are experiencing audio problems also had to use the EOU?  

I was also told to contact support again in 3 days if a patch has not been released and they would walk me through a factory reset, obviously I would rather avoid this route as it would mean re-downloading and installing/updating all my apps and games aswell as setting everything else up again... and that may still not work!?

I suppose it could be harware but then it would affect all the X1s and that would be a massive problem to MS. Updates will be coming but I would like MS to step up and give us some dates or even an estimate what they are working on.