AU gaming and the uprising of modders and cheaters

Hi all 

Ok so in my personal experience australian gaming is at a all time low. 

It seems that no matter the game there is a large amount of people cheating for no good reason than to annoy everyone else online.

We already have horrible service and periods where we cant connect to xbl and even when we do the in game service is horrific.

But when has it been ok for modders and booters to completely destroy every game out of rage or being bad at a game. This is most seen in every cod game but does not exclude any other popular multiplayer.

The rise of communication bans and final suspensions has risen at the same rate of these cheating scumbags. But because regular users get annoyed by cheaters and call them what ever and report them yet they get banned because they broke the tos by letting the cheater knlw they are a scumbag and telling everyone else in game so they can report them yet these people are always online cheating and never get banned. Where is our support . Is any enforcement member a active community user to actually be affected by these people. Why dont they put down there unnecessary hammer they hold and load up a game of cod world at war oand get destroyed by people flying around spamming infinite explosives or play cod bo2 league play and see how many games it takes to get ddosed. 

Is anyone else sick of these people destroying our community. 


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