Hi can anyone tell me what is good head set do own the ASTRO A40 OR TURTLE BEACK PX5 ? FROM IVE READ LOTs people say Astro A40 very good but it comes with mix amp and 2 wires 1 for the mic and one connects to the mix amp to turn up game sound and voice chat so thats not 100 percent wireless.Also i was at Eurogame 2011 today and see the Turtlebeach PX5 they now claim 100 percent wireless free they told me i can have a wire to controller for mic or buy something called Earforce XBA bluetooth adaptor where i wont have wire at all all sounds perfect but ive read many reviews on Astro a40 and Turlte beach PX5 just cant make my mind up lol :) and im stuck and man its driving me nuts lol :) what is your honest opion ? go for Turtlebeach PX5 or Astro a40 ? if u have the PX5 please post your reviews and comments same for Asro A40 please.As im looking to buy Friday 23/9/11 as there on offer i belive UK price is £170 but when in shops over £200 in USA $250 ?

p.s the dude at the stall really wanted to sell me px5 bad lol :) i was all most taken in but walked away got i have to think about it make sure im spending good money or great headset im not gone rush out and buy any old crap.i also understand u can adjut the new px5 pre-sets so u can hear foot steps down ? unlike ASTRO A40 where u have to turn it up loud to hear footsteps.


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Honestly, I don't think you lose either way from what I've heard about Astros. I prefer wireless TB(X3/X41 for 4-5 yrs now)because of my living situation and because they have yet to let me down and I like how crisp they sound. I don't care what anyone else says about poor sound quality because they're wireless and simulated SS, they still sound incredible imo.


If you're looking to drop that kind of dough though, I'd wait a little longer and get the new XP500 from Turtle Beach. The XP500's are the Xbox versions of the Playstation PX5's and are completely wireless, that means NO cable running from the headset to the controller. They'll pretty much do the same things the PX5's can do, but they're built more for the Xbox first then everything else. Check out their websites and do your research. A lot of people don't believe in spending that kind of money on gaming cans, but if it's not an issue for you, go for it.  

I have the PX5 and love them!!! The PX5 is completely wireless if you buy the blue tooth adapter for the controller.