Assassins Creed Brotherhood Online Achievement Boosting

Hi, please can 2 people help me and a friend get a couple of achievements on brotherhood this evening, if you need to get the ones were gettin we will help you too.

The ones e we need are:

take the lead 10 seconds before the end of a session and go onto win


kill your target and escape in less than 10 seconds


during open conflict, kill your target and escape

get all co-op bonus's in 1 session


aparently they are all easy but we need 4 people, thanks, message me if interested.


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also just to play and have fun afterwards as theres no one online :(

boosters are the scurge and scum of video games......just play the game properly and you will earn the achievements the RIGHT WAY!!!

It starts with boosting, then you'll reach the pinnacle - modding! and end up on Jeremy Kyle.


How d'ya like those gnashers?

um, no, i wont

bet the dude never needs a bottle opener

mutations come in may forms....his ability to bite down on any surface will pave the wave for adimantium claws, laser shooting out of eyes and the whole flying thing we can soon all hope to enjoy!!

I don't bother with multi-player achievements they are a total waste off time, unless the game is decent.