Assassins creed 4 saved game transfer ?

Hey guys ,

Soooo like a total knob i borrowed Assassins Creed from a Mate for a couple of days on the 360 to see if i would like it to buy on Xbox One,   i played it......completed the actually story but thats about 50% of the game and now my Xbox One will be delivered tomorrow with Assassins Creed .

So the questions is , did i waste 2/3 days of my life or can my saved game be converted ?

Thanks for any Help..


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Hi no sorry the game save wont be transferred to the Xbox one from the Xbox 360, as I had Assassin's Creed 4 for the Xbox 360 and when I got my copy for the Xbox One I had to start the game from the beginning.

You can only transfer the multiplayer stat saves for games to xbox one.  The single player data is not going to transfer.  That is why I waited to get AC IV for the One so I would not have to essentially play the campaign twice.

Dam it , although to be fair i thought that would be the case. Didnt really mean to get that involved and get that far but it was a little addictive :)

Thanks the for help.


Is there some special way to have your multiplayer stats transfer? I have tons of erudito credits, ability sets and whatnot I would like to have transferred, and so far it has not transferred....

So sad about this ive done the same thing

To bad it won't transfer.  I was pretty excited that Diablo e progress did transfer.