ASR Recruiting

Greetings and salutations fellow gamers
Are you tired of playing alone?
Fancy a New Challenge?
Or just want to join a Clan well there is some good news.

ASR (All Star Rangers) are looking for members,
We have undergone somewhat of a transition and some of our Rangers have left and we are looking for players to fill their space

So this has freed up some space on the roster, currently we have 14 members and 3 people on Trial. And still looking for more

Whether you are a casual gamer who enjoys having fun and a laugh but want to take it to the next level or a hardcore gamer who loves the competition look no further

I would say that we are more of a family than a clan but that doesn’t sound right lol

We maybe small on numbers but we have achieved many things,
We are all very active and there is normally someone on Xbox Live from Midday till 5am most days so there is always someone to talk to and have a laugh with.

We play in Many Leagues and have a few division titles to our name

The Leagues that we are in :

Mixed mode
4v4 core (2 teams)

You can normally find us hanging out in the Core lobbies (normally Dom/ Team Tac/CTF) but we pop up all over the place.

Skill is not a requirement neither is changing your gamer tag the ability to work as part of a team and be a laugh is more important than outright skill.

We have a mixture of skill levels amongst our ranks ranging from the good the bad and the ugly so im sure you will fit in some where ill leave that up to you to say where you are.

Our Clan site is why not pop over and say hi

For all questions relating to recruitment feel free to contact us if you want message me or look for AS Pink Ranger or AS Dark Ranger for all recruitment.

We are looking for Modern Warfare 3 Players. At the moment we don’t play any other games as a clan but are always looking to expand the ASR name to different games and if we have the numbers we will start teams in other leagues

We are Currently Looking for Captains for some of the teams so sign up and you could have the chance to be a captain.

Once again thank you for taking the time to read through this
Sincerely yours

AS Green Ranger (Admin Of All Star Rangers)


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