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Hello, My friend and I started a clan during Halo 3 called The Wraiths and nicknamed ourselves Wraiths Brotherhood for those of us who are with us expanding in the halo games and now we are mixing up a few things with the clan like getting into the youtube vibe thats going on and we are doing some pretty good videos for a start we wanted to expand in that area and I was wondering if we could get permission to use the Halo 3 main menu theme song for videos that we would like to make in the very near future.

Ty Gunnerwraith 


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your asking the wrong people,you would have to contact the developers.

Well going through a whole loop thing and calling support I was told to post the forums. Microsoft owns the right to halo though so I would asssume I have to ask them.

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You might want to go to 343 Industries as that is the company that does all of the work on the Halo series now.  See if there is a way to contact someone either there.  

use it and make sure to credit it.

thats what busts mosts people.

its good that you're seeking permission.

also to make your videos more original try remixing the song somehow

If you're not doing it for profit & you give credit to those who created it, you should be fine.  At the worst, you'll get a 'takedown' notice for the video - but I seriously doubt it.  

Ok. Thx for the advice guys

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