Asked to change email and password

I was sent an email asking to change email and password for my account. I did. Now when I try to sign into my console it says not the right email and password.

When I try to log into the gt that comes up is a friend of mine that has moved a few years ago.?


Really confused????


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Was this e-mail sent from XBL? Like what was the e-mail you got? I don't think they ask for someone to change an e-mail, they may ask to change a password, but I never heard of anyone asking to change an e-mail address. Are you sure it wasn't an e-mail to have another e-mail put on your account for extra protection? Because I had to do that sometime ago for verification purposes. Thing is, this sounds like a scam. I'd contact Xbox support right away about this.

You should call support for US region dial 1-800-4my-xbox

The sooner you report the sender of that email the sooner the scam will be detected and the perp held accountable.

Also just to verify. If this email was from *** Email address is removed for privacy *** or *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

These are legit xbox/ms email address.

Oh and it will also help to prevent other gamers from being scammed if you report sooner

Thank you to everyone Dr. Black Bones and Listed mia 510, for your help and suggestions! I have called xbox support and they are helping me. This is an awesome forum!