Arrrgh! It's Raining DLC!

The second "Kingdoms of Amalur" DLC is out now with the "Teeth Of Naros" offering further adventure for maxed out characters.


"Ninja Pack 2" for "Ninja Gaiden 3" brings more equipment, costumes, trial levels and adds the Scythe to your arsenal.


All this AND I have to play the "Witcher 2".


We're only 4 months into 2012 and already we're drowning in games and content.




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To be honest i wasnt that impressed with the Dead Kell dlc so doubt i will bother with the next DLC and given the content and feel of the Witcher i doubt very much whether i will ever play KOA again now that ive maxed out my character.

Nice waste of money

Nice to see the game is supported by a lot of DLC.

It's £20.99 on steam this week

still not buying it mind.

on disc DLC of disc DLC it's all relative

[quote user="Alchemist Don"]

Nice waste of money


If it's fun it ain't a waste of money and last time I checked chopping people with scythes is fun.


You only don't like it because of what they do to the Alchemists!


I bet you're holding back for customised mittens on SSX though.



Actually SSX is a huge disappointment

If someone gets pleasure out of a game they enjoy and can enhance it by DLC, fair play to just call it a waste of money is redundant as an argument

The Scythe is awesome and all the new Ninja Trials and other bonuses are good fun as well.


The Teeth of Naros DLC awesome.


I almost wet myself when I openned the first chest and found an even more powerful staff than the one on my character's back.


I had a look at my save and realised that I'd spent over 51 hours in Amalur and still haven't completed the main quests.


Gonna have to get round to that sometime.



Will have to pick up that DLC for KOA!!  I think disliking something is fine - I don't think its at all clever to just state the fact that you don't like it, and then don't give a reason why.