arkham city skins download

ive been playing arkham city, beat it on normal, downloaded the skins pack from live and its not showing up on my game at all. used the skins cheat code as well and its still not working. does anyone have an idea whats going on?


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when you are in challenge mode,highlight the character and press down on your controller,this will select a costume.


I am not sure how to change it in the campaign,you may need to start a new game before you can use them.

I tried that an still nothing. I have no idea what is wrong. The skins arernt even showing anywhere on the game.

go into your download history and make sure the fully downloaded,or just re-download them from the marketplace.

Its in there redownloaded it and still it wont work. I dont get it. It cant be that complicated.

You need to input the cheat code after purchasing the skins  to be able to use them before completing the game.


Select your game save, then on the main menu,where there are about 8 boxes,input the code,then select continue game.


This should fetch up a screen to select your costume before continuing.

Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down.


This is the code,just incase.

You should get an audio conformation that the code worked.

Ok i FINALLY got it. Thanks for all your help. Much appreciated