Are you supposed to buy a console per game, or what ?

I have bought a X60 six years ago. And I'm bordering nervous breakdown with this.


As I find X360 games boring as hell generally, I think I have around 4-5 hours of playtime per month. On average.

I would not complain, if there was not maddening issues when I do try to play a game.

I fired last week my X360 for the first time since november (this is the fourth one, the one I had basically bought for Halo IV)

I had my share of issues with this wonderful console-I kinda think that consoles scrathing disks or burning or deleting data is a bit hard to swallow when the console coult not even last a full game-but I never imagined that switching TVs was enough to break them.

In addition to FFXIII-2 being about as fun as watching an informercial, my X360 (that have, rememeber at top 100 hours of gametime and I bought it in 2011...) now have horrendous sound issues, a scratching sound when I play games (but not DVDs, for some reason)

I spent only tonight 6-7 hours trying to fix this issue. I bought new HDMI cable. The TV is a brand new Toshiba model from Best Buy. I tried every single suggestion on forums­

What the hell I'm supposed to do ? Buy a sixth X-BOX to play Tomb Raider ?

Oh, and before you call me a retard : the console never move and is in a ventilated place­. 



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And yes, this is a rant-but what I say is true.

I'm an exasperated customer, who spent more on consoles than on games this generation. Each time I fire up a game, I have a new problem with the console. Halo IV forced me to buy a new HD for a whopping 12 hours of ''fun'', and as I finally try to play FF XII-2 one year after buying it, I first have to cough 15$ for an HDMI cable...and I'm still unable to play it.

six years and only 2,610 gamerscore  lol ....and you find xbox 360 games boring well look at your last 4 played games... birds of pray, Fina lFantasy, Dead or Alive and Xtreme 2 and Blood Rayne lol


Of course, Ratched, it's completely stupid and moronic to play the X-BOX like 2-3 hours per month and have wild exceptations like having the console actually work during those 2-3 hours. It's WAY TOO MUCH to ask.

And I should add that Il-2 Sturmovik is a fantastic real game on a PC. But I could cope with the moronic gameplay of the console version if the *** sound worked right.

Are you buying your consoles new, if you are buying them used this may be your issue. there are many channels you can go through now a days to get help with your xbox360 issues.

You should try using the ambassador chat for these issues you are having I bet you will get them resolved then see how much fun you can have while maybe picking up some more action packed titles for your collection.

All the five consoles were bought brand new. All the accesories are buy brand new from physical stores. All the games are new and bought from physical stores.

But as I said, if I just found the games boring as hell, that would not be a big issue (and I should precise that I find games like Civilization V and Hears of Iron III thrilling...)

The big issue is that I find them boring as hell and I have to keep coughing cash to play them. Which is so frustrating that I usually end up not playing them in the first place.

I do not mean to sound rude when saying this, but maybe video games are just not the hobby for you??


games and systems have become so complicated that casual gamers such as yourself do not find the time to become friendly with the consoles interface. this causes a lot of problems for casual gamers.


I would suggest to you maybe trying computer games or get a music loop creation program and hack away at that for the very few hours a month you like to play games.


just my opinion though.

If your consoles are having problems that quickly then they should be covered by warranty, so you should have called 1-800-4-MY-XBOX while they were still under warranty to get them fixed. Or, they probably could have told you if you were doing something wrong to cause the issues instead of you buying 5 new consoles.

Side note: Why would you pay $15 for an HDMI cable when you can find them on Amazon or other places for $5?

Because while I'm not dumb enough to buy a 50$ premium cable, I thought that  a 15$ one from Gamestop would do the job.

@Lestat maybe he/ she was not aware of this resource to get a cheaper hdmi.


and as I notice your a new amb take note to this. One does not submit their console for repair by phoning support. you may submit a console repair ticket by following the link here -->

Lestat please save that link for your future ambassador conversations it will be vary helpful.

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