Are you planning on bringing back a feature you removed

Are you planning on bringing back a feature that your removed that was on the 360? The feature is DLNA supported streaming from a PC or other device of music and video?

I like xbox one, but with core features removed I cannot recommend buying it to anyone. If this is supposed to be a device that does it all, then why do I not need to buy a device or use my 360 to stream my movie and music collection?

If I would have known that feature was going to be removed I would have cancelled my pre-order and got PS4.

That feature is more important that TV garbage or NFL.  When playing Minecraft or Forza listing to my music is a must.


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But you can playback content from another device, I've got a server with shedloads of stuff on it, just need to initiate playback from a PC or phone.  Kind of annoying, but I'm sure will be added back in.

BTW PS4 doesn't do either.  So getting a PS4 won't help.

Paul Smith

same here I find this a pain I had all my video and music content on pc and streamed over network now I have to use play to but to do that I need go on pc "but as im using same screen for pc and xbox one their is no point" it a simple feature why should I use sky drive instead of system player not a so called smooth way of windows 8 so called link.. plus you cant use a usb device with content on either don't see what use of 3 usbs since they can only be used for xbox devices like play and charge my only 2 complaints but easy fix I hope...