Are You Elite?

So the description of "Elite Dangerous" on the Game Preview Program is a little mis-leading.

It says the game is an unfinished program that may not be completed with gives the impression that you can expect a sloppy offering that's somewhere between an Alpha and a Beta.

What you actually get is the full existing "Elite Dangerous" game as it exists on PC in a universe that is not only expanding and evolving... actually has to be seen to be believed.

The 400 Billion locations in the game are modelled on the stars in our own universe.

The game is initially very complex.  There's a lot to learn and even when you think you know what you're doing... there's a lot more to learn.

This can be offputting for some as it's definately not "pick up and play" but rather sit down and learn but then this is seen as very rewarding for others.

A week after it's launch there is a 500K population and growing.

If you do purchase the preview game at £24.00 then when the final game is released you get that for free.  So you get a great game at half price and when the full version launches you'll actually know what you're doing.

This is probably the most complex game on the ONE at the moment but it's definately one worth checking out if you think you've got what it takes to become Elite.


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If you think it's big now, believe me, it's going to get a lot lot bigger and more complex in future updates.  Eventually, it's planned, you'll be able to leave your ship, walk around space stations, around your own ship. Even have ships with crews. Planetary exploration is also planned.


Hello "DeadFall526"  :)


I love Angry Joe's reviews because in my opinion he takes an unbiased look at the games and tells things like they should be said.

On the same note, have you seen a Youtuber named AlphaOmegaSin?  He doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the insidious business practices that happends in the world of video games  :)

A word of caution though, Angry Joe and AlphaOmegaSin use explicit language and shouldn't be watched by little kids.


Have a nice day or afternoon or night "DeadFall526"  :)


There is a "story mode"....

Stories build by each player,the freedom to create our own story/goals/paths and influence the future of the Milky Way... and it's gonna take ages. :)

A brillant game,even at this stage.


Hello everyone  :)


This game sounds interesting, but I am guessing that it is on-line only (like Destiny) right?


Have a nice day or afternoon or night everyone  :)


Tried to get into the game.  But needed to link to a Frontier account and had not set that up yet.  Game looks pretty cool though.  Hoping the hour trial gives me enough insight into it to determine if I want to jump in.  Most likely from what I have saw I will be jumping in though.

Haven't joined any factions yet. Which is a whole other aspect of this game.

I'm just doing my own thing at the moment which happens to be playing as a Bounty Hunter/Pirate. in a pretty well equipped Viper.

I take Bounty contracts from the Bulletin Board and equip a few Limpets to breach cargo holds if my victim is carrying anything valuable when their shields are down. Why blow up valuable cargo when you can sell it to the Black Market? ;)

There is no offline mode. Even in single player you must have an internet connection to play.

The Developers took a lot of flack for that from their backers as they only revealed it right before release despite previously promising it as a feature.

Lei Fang,

Not sure if it has to be online to play. Maybe just to render certain aspects of the game.

There is in fact a Solo mode with NPC's.

Im not Jared from Subway there are no little kids here.... too soon ?

It's an everyday lesson.....

Arf !!! I got scanned 3 times with illegal stuffs....And of course,after finishing my jobs,i just leave the area.(Didn't want to spend my money on some taxes).

I thought that  they will forget ,usually i got 6 days (in real life) to pay....

And today,i discover that i got 3 bounty contracts on my head.

I think,i will do a big jump far,far away  and play low profile for  few days...And be more careful,next time.

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