Are things getting better for the xb1?

It will be 2 yrs since the xb1 has been out. Has ms fixed the disc drive problem on the xb1. It seems it's not as bad when the console came out. I hope the xb1 console gets better in terms of being more reliable. But hey all electronics have problems right?


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I'm just going to avoid this what you older peps here call disk instead of disc malarkey, I just made that last word up, and I would say YES things are getting better for X1.

These are the things X1 missed at Launch, which it has now:

(1) more games (2) change the dashboard background (3) UI speed has improved considerably (4) recent players list (5) Dolby support, none of that stereo uncompressed rubbish (6) VOICE MESSAGING and you can exchange it between X360 and X1 (7) USB file support (8) external HDD support (9) you now have at least some software access to your console's HDD, at launch, the OS didn't allow you to uninstall stuff on your console HDD (10) Microsoft created an official feedback site and they genuinely are listening to us as they have brought back many missing features Xbox 360 has over to Xbox 1.

Other things are Directx12, and.... Windows 10 comes out in 10 days as it's Sunday 19th July for Australia and NZ right now. Microsoft has updated the UI heaps on Xbox 360, and they're going to do so for Xbox 1 too. The things you can do with Kinect is brilliant, and holelens are what you call it, and X1 may even get the digital personal assistant Cortana which Windows 10 will have when it release in several days time, will have. Earlier this year Microsoft acquired Minecraft for two point something billion I think it's a great strategic move since most people on Xbox play the game. And NETFLIX came out to Australia and New Zealand earlier this year so our corner of the world has access to it now. And Backwards Compatibility. Microsoft implied, Xbox 1 backwords compatible? NO WAY!! But due to the feedback and since they know most people love and still play on Xbox 360, they probably want to get us on Xbox 1 more.

As for the, ahhmm, DISC.... drive issue, I have the Day 1 Edition with Kinect and sometimes it won't read game disc, there's a simple solution, eject the disc and re-insert it again. Some on here may have received more defective models and I feel kinda sorry for them. I haven't had any hardware issues with my X1 to complain about though. It's a better DVD player than my X360 which always brings up a Dashboard message "attempting to read media file" even if my DVD (not game discs they read fine) have even a tiny hint of dust or finger print.

"I'm on my 5th xbox one,the previous 4 all had disc drive failures."

That is terrible.  I would not want to have to replace mine that much.  I had many PS2 do this.  Was a common problem on those.  Finally just gave it up after a bunch of failures and repairing some myself.  Even my later model PS2 had a drive issue but by then those issues where not as common.  Luckily I mostly missed the Xbox, 360, One drive issues.  I did have one of our 360s that would only read a disc that was spotless clean.  Even unseen residue would not let them play.  Had to wipe the disc but then the thing always worked.  Eventually got a drive out of a 360 a relative broke the hdmi port on when they knocked it off a shelf somehow.

The problem with my original Xbox was the kids.  They were fighting over who would play it and kept turning it on and off.  A couple times of that and it quit forever.  Still have the hard drive and stuff from that.

disks  pffftttt. I remember waiting FOREVER for track and filed to load on the old computer that used a cassette tape for storage.

The original floppy "disks" were just a round, flexible magnetic storage medium that was housed in little more than a square envelope. 8", 5.25"... wait, is my age sticking out!? It went from those to the 'standard' 3.5" disk that was housed in a plastic case. Only the housings were square, for those who don't remember. Back. Then... lol

lol "90's"?! 80's rule along side the TRS80 and Disk, pronounced diska

GG you never saw a square disk? That's what a disk is, square. A disc is round just like a discus. You probably weren't alive in the 90's so it's okay that you didn't know.


I have no idea what you mean Mr Genchy lol

And in fairness Badger your Xboxs get a right caning judging by your GS!  ;-)

I'm on my 5th xbox one,the previous 4 all had disc drive failures.

I wouldn't say it's a widespread issue though.

As mentioned,it's an electrical product & all electrical products will have a small number of them that break.

I think there were a pretty small handful of people who had the grinding disk drive issue on launch. I haven't heard much about it since other than an odd one here or there. I'd say it's gotten better. Manufacturing products isn't flawless in any company, there's bound to be a lemon out there every now and then. But warranties are good for stuff like that.

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