Are there any plans to fix some of these issues?

Dear Xbox support forums, I bought an Xbox one to use it as a multimedia center for my TV. Previously, I owned a PS3 and used it to watch youtube over my TV, streaming local content from my PC using DLNA and as a Bluray player. Since I don't use consoles for playing games, I decided to go for an X1 instead of a PS4 because I have no use for the PS4s superior gaming performance, all the reviews I've read claimed the X1 would be the superior multimedia center and since I own a PC, an MS Surface Pro and a Windows Phone, I expected improved compatibility with these devices. Apparently, I was completely wrong. 1. The X1 wont find DLNA servers on it's own - streaming DLNA content to the X1 can be done by using Android or iOS apps. The PS3 was able to do it out of the box. It's kind of ironic that it works with a Sony product out of the box and the only way to enable this basic functionality on the X1 is to bypass it by using non-MS devices. Are there any plans for an app enabling this or is that lack of a very basic feature intended? 2. Pairing my other devices to find youtube content and watch it on the X1 worked less reliably than on the PS3, but it was possible and I guess that this will be improved over time, but doing so requires me to have a gold membership, whereas it was for free on the PS3. Now that wouldn't be a big deal if a gold membership wouldn't be entirely useless to me due to the next point. 3. Basically, due to the incomprehensible linking of billing location and language selection, services like xbox video are completely useless to me as I can't chose to download a movie in English whilst living in a non-English speaking country. In my case, that means I'm limited to Movies dubbed in German. As you might have guessed from my poor English, it's not my first language and my mother tongue is in fact German, but I can't stomach watching an English movie in German. A huge part of what makes an Actor great is his voice acting and the sound of his voice. Now obviously, all that is lost when a Movie is dubbed. On top of that, lip movement of course is out of sync and very often, nuances like double entendres that make up a scripts entire wit are lost because it's either not translatable or the translator didn't get it. Basically, it renders the watching experience of a film like "The Godfather" into something more akin to watching an episode of Southpark that is out of sync. Are there any intentions to lift language selection based on billing location? Don't get me wrong - I don't want early access to movies released earlier in the US, I just want to watch them in their original language. I like this device, I want to keep it and as a matter of fact, I want to give you more of my money, but the narrow minded policies concerning language/location/billing selection effectively shut me off, so i might just sell it. Thanks for any information and sorry for my subpar English.

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