Are there any decent games on windows phones

Getting my new phone tomoz and wondering what decent games are on there and what prices

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Well I can't have some as the 610 don't have enough ram lol got to send it back to get the one I actually wanted

Forgot about Shuffle Party, pretty cool for a quick blast every now and then.


BBB: App-ocalypse is indeed a damned good game too.... not just cos it's free either, I'd be more than happy if I'd had to buy it. Love the whole thing of flipping your phone and turning it from tower defence into a shooter.


Minicraft is cool for those minecraft fans out there, Implode is a nice little game and there's also a simple "turn the page" kind of adventure game called "Wizard's Choice".

You're probably better asking in the WP forum mate

Must admit I found Doodle God to be a bit dull. It has great presentation but it just amounted to randomly trying to pair up disparate elements, some of which worked only when the game wanted them to work as earlier combos of the same items failed but mysteriously worked later on. There's no real skill to it and some of the logic was questionable ... it's like a really long, drawn out game of patience


I did pick up Puzzle Quest 2 in one of the sales which if you've played the console versions you'll know what to expect. Helluva lot of play crammed in there but it's one of the more expensive games on the marketplace. Worth keeping an eye out for though if it goes on sale again


Couple other freebies which are easy 200GS would be Shuffle Party and Breeze


Non live ones / freebies that are worth checking:


Bubble eyes

Incredible circus

Chalk master

BBB: App-ocalypse (quite an impressive tower defence game)

UberWords (maybe one for Piztup being the Scrabble fiend he is ;)

Skewer Master

Aces Traffic Pack

and if you want to go REALLY old school give 'Nu Pogodi' a try as it's one of those ancient Game and Watch games


Ended up buying Super Monkey Ball, had a quick blast at lunchtime.... Very good!

I have a couple games on my Nokia Lumia 800 which are sweet gems.

I paid for;

- DoDonPachi Maximum - A nice shmup, but can be very annoying as there are no checkpoints and it is very hard.

- Final Fantasy (1) - A 2009 PSP port for the WP7, nice smooth functionality, if you like FF and want a worth while RPG on your phone, its great.

- Bejewelled - Standard puzzle game, good fun.

However you can get free games, the best being Wordament, a massively multiplayer word playing game. Simply addictive.

Yeah i only want games that can have a quick go on lol and didnt realise super monkey ball was on it

The price range is from free to £5.99.


Doodle God as Floppy said is ace.

Monopoly is an easy 200

Angry Birds is quite fun

Fruit Ninja i like

Full House Poker is another pretty easy 200

Orbital is good

Revolution is good and makes you think a bit

Wordament (free) (connection seemed better when it wasn't Live enabled, i lose connection a fair bit now where as before it never dropped)

Non Live games i like as well:

Alphajax (scrabble type game)

Words By Post (which actually works cross platform as well, i play a pal who's using an iphone)

Fling is pretty decent (and cheap). Also Wordament which is maddeningly addictive, and more importantly free!

How much is plants vs zombies

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